About Us


Travelling & Adventures

We are a fun loving family of four... love travel and adventures blogging , vlogging and hopefully inspiring others to get out and enjoy the world.

We travel as much as we can,  days out, hikes, we love the sea and the mountains. Road trips to resorts we're not the type to sit still for long we usually get out and explore wherever we end up.

We are currently based in the Uk but have lived in New Zealand and always travelled as a family. Tabitha was camping on the Coromandel in NZ at 3 months old, we have hiked the Besseggen in Norway, Surfed in Fuerteventura, had the best Pizza ever in Sorrento, camped in the Alps and explored the secret beaches of North Ibiza. Always looking for somewhere new to explore 🙂





Meet the Crew

(our family)



A qualified graphic designer turned property developer, bargain hunter extraordinaire, keen traveller & hiker.  Our team organiser  & upscale handbag lover.



Video editor by trade, beach bum at heart! Confessed sea & snow junkie. Loves to surf, ski, kite, MTB and is a wanna be yoga dude.




Our resident tech guru,  loves his gadgets,  photography, birds (winged), dinghy sailing and drones. Wants to be an engineer so constantly pulling things apart!



Our animal lover, adopts animal friends wherever we go. Loves sailing tennis, hockey, does a little child modelling on the side and is quite a sneaky little chess player.

Next Steps...

Please get in touch & let us know if you have any great family destinations for us to check out!